Gay Hawaii

Gay Hawaii Traveling Information

If you are considering vacationing in Hawaii, look no further than Poipu Beach. Not only is it peaceful and extremely pretty, it is also a great vacation spot for gay Hawaii travelers. There are many activities to participate in. For instance, the beach is known for its surfing and trails and many other great beach activites. The beach also has great shops and restaurants to explore. It is also gay friendly. Many of the locals are very open minded. It is one of the most open minded states in the United States and all visitors are welcomed.

If you are going to Poipu Beach, one of the best places to check out is Poipu Getaway which offers great Poipu vacation rentals for gay Hawaii vacationers and really everyone whether you are going to Hawaii for fun or for fun and a civil union. Poipu Getaway offers vacation rentals located in the heart of many of the neighborhoods near the beach. This means it is private. The rentals are also well maintained and will look fantastic for your gay Hawaii vacation trip.

One of the great benefits of Hawaii is civil unions are allowed and legally recognized in the state. If you are in a state that still denies many of the rights that shouldn’t be denied, you can at least have your relationship legally recognized in Hawaii. Hopefully the other states will soon catch up but in the meantime, at least you can go somewhere beautiful like Hawaii and get married on the beach.

At Poipu vacation rentals, there are currently three rentals to choose from including the Poipu Bamboo Studio, Poipu Garden Suite and the Koloa House. There are rentals of all sizes and each one is very affordable. They have the best vacation rental properties on the island and you’ll be happy you choose Ellie’s vacation rentals.

When traveling with your partner, if you are like me, you always wonder how an innkeeper will react when you show up with a partner of the same sex. With Poipu Getaway, there are no worries. Ellie (the owner) is extremely friendly and welcomes all to her Poipu vacation rentals for gay Hawaii travelers. To inquire about availability you can contact Ellie through her website or by calling 800-779-8773 to schedule your next gay Hawaii trip. 

Sunset on Poipu Beach in Hawaii

Sunset on Poipu Beach in Hawaii

Gay Hawaii Vacation Spots

Your next gay Hawaii vacation adventure will be your best one yet if you decide you’d like to travel to Poipu, Kauai. With beautiful beaches and friendly residents, you can’t find a better place in Hawaii especially if you stay at Poipu Getaway. 

List of Gay Hawaii Vacation Activities in Poipu

  • Snorkeling - As with most beach destinations, snorkeling is always a great activity. The snorkeling in Poipu is exceptional and there are many who sign up for snorkeling excursions once here. There are many places to rent gear and you can even go on guided snorkeling tours.
  • Scuba Diving - Poipu Beach is an excellent scuba diving destination. There are quite a few local businesses in the area who offer scuba diving adventures. For instance, Blue Dolphin Charters have a wonderful scuba tour where you could travel to Na Pali Coast and the island of Niihau to dive into the crystal clear waters. There are many fish and sea turtles to see and many of the diving adventures include food and beverage. 
  • Sailing - For those who would prefer to stay on the boat, there are many sail boats available for rent. You could hire a sail boat captain and have a nice romantic afternoon on one of the beautiful sail boats.
  • Helicopter Tour - If you’d rather stay in the air, you could rent a helicopter and view the island from above. 
  • Hiking - For the more adventurous, there are many trails and hiking excursions including Koloa Heritage Trail where you could view many of the monuments that are important to the citizens of Poipu.
  • Kayaking - The calm waters in the streams on Poipu are perfect for having an afternoon out on a kayak like one never before experienced. Many visitors to the island spend much of their vacation paddling around taking in the quiet scenery deep in the wilds of the island.
  • Spa - If you are seeking a less outdoorsy vacation, you can always take refuge and be pampered in many of our spectacular spas with a relaxing massage or a facial.

If you are seeking a gay Hawaii destination to get away from the stress in your life, Poipu is the place. For lodging, consider booking a vacation rental with Poipu Getaway where you can expect clean, affordable, safe, and private accommodations. We are gay friendly and would love to be your guide to the best Hawaii has to offer.